Berlin meeting

(La)TeX Usergroup Berlin Treffen 14. Februar, diesmal mit Präsi über einfache Struktur für Bachelor/Masterarbeit mit Literaturverzeichnis und Visual Studio Code für LaTeX, sowie git als Versionskontrollsystem:

English: (La)TeX Usergroup Berlin meeting Feb 14, this time with talk about simple structure for bachelor/master thesis with bibliography and visual studio code for LaTeX, plus git as version control system.

TeX at iX and heise

The iX recently published a LaTeX tutorial. Quick reviews are on

At this occasion, some recent and older articles from heise and iX, in German:

Why do I mention it? Because it’s interesting to read about TeX and LaTeX in general IT media, and comments by IT people can be quite entertaining, such as the usual rants of guys who used LaTeX fifteen or more years ago and still complain about old stuff without having seen how it developed in the meantime.

Short Math Guide on CTAN

The Short Math Guide for LaTeX is now available on CTAN. It has been significantly updated, contains more up-to-date information and additional notes such as about discouraged syntax and new recommendations. From 17 pages it grew to 21 pages. Furthermore, the source code of the document is now available. It covers all math basics and is a very efficient guide for the smart reader.

Here you can find it: